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Safety in education is important to all of us. As Director of Aegis Safety Consultancy, Peter Coulson has over 30 years’ experience in the education sector.

Pupil safety handling chemicalsAegis Health and Safety have worked with Harrow College, Stanmore College, Bromley College, North East Surrey College and Newcastle University teaching hospitals as well as a number of schools throughout the UK.

Peter has undertaken the Health and Safety Manager role at a number of colleges on a contract basis and has the ability, due to his extensive knowledge of the this unique sector to ‘hit the ground running’ when taking on this key role in any educational establishment.

Past contracts have involved the following services necessary to the successful management of health and safety in a college or school:

  • Health and Safety policy development
  • Auditing and inspection
  • Development of safe working practice throughout the full range of courses offered e.g. Science Laboratories, Motor Vehicle Workshops, Hair and Beauty Salons, Engineering Workshops , IT facilities, Art & Design, Construction, Sports and many more
  • Preparation and vetting of Work Experience and Educational Visit activities
  • Training – many aspects of staff training can be delivered or organised by Aegis Safety. In association with Essential Safety Ltd we have devised and accredited with our IOSH Safe Working in Education course which covers the following key areas:
  1. Introducing safe working
  2.  Improving safety performance
  3. Defining common hazards and risks in the education sector
  4. Identifying common hazards
  5. Community-centred learning and teaching
  6. Protecting your environment

The IOSH Safe Working in Education course is suitable for all teaching and support staff in the education sector – especially those with supervisory duties and those in direct contact with students. For more information visit our dedicated health and safety training page or contact us on +44 (0)1434 674820 or send us an enquiry via email.

 The training course is particularly relevant to people employed in schools and colleges and for those seeking to work in the education sector. This includes:

  • All academic staff
  • Learning advisors
  • Business support staff

We can supply an advisory service often working with Senior Members of the College Management team or Estates and Facilities Managers as required. Specialist advice and assistance can also be supplied to Directors of Schools/Faculties.

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