Consultancy Services

Aegis Safety Consultancy provide a ‘competent person service’; working closely with you to support your company’s health and safety needs over a period of time or provide individual tailored solutions to any specific issues that you need to address.

Health and Safety consultant in conversation with staff

Aegis Safety Consultancy can provide support and consultancy services including:

  • site visits and inspections
  • assessments
  • health and safety policy development
  • staff training

As your dedicated health and safety advisor we can also work to help you continuously improve health and safety standards within your organisation to ensure that you are complying with the very latest health and safety legislation.

We will be happy to visit your workplace and let you find out for yourself. If you are unsure what you actually need, take us up on our offer of a free initial health and safety assessment. You can contact us to discuss any aspect of your health and safety requirements by calling us on +44(0)7495122728
or completing our contact form with details of your enquiry.

People often ask us “what makes a good health and safety consultant?”:

The right qualifications? Yes – gaining the overall knowledge provided by industry recognised courses such as the NEBOSH Diploma are very important.

An appetite for the continuous development of our skills (CPD)? Yes – This is essential to a Corporate Member of the Institute of Safety and Health (CMIOSH) and any consultant.

Recognition of your skills by your profession? – Yes – Membership of the Occupational Safety and Health Register (OSCHR) established in response to the Government’s Common Sense, Common Safety report, which recommended that all Health and Safety consultants should be accredited to a professional body.

These skills are all important, and are all held by our team, however Aegis Safety Consultancy also recognises that the ability to communicate with its’ clients is vital.

How can we possibly provide you with our advice if we don’t know how to find out what you really need? How can our knowledge help you to work safely, save money and gain that business advantage if we cannot gain the trust and respect of your management and workforce?

Aegis Safety Consultancy prides itself on working closely with its clients, building a relationship with operating staff in the workplace and managers in the boardroom, providing practical advice which will work on the shop floor and can be maintained over the years to come.

This is what “makes a good health and safety consultant” and this is what Aegis Safety Consultancy do best.

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